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New York Career Counselor

"JUDITH GERBERG is brilliant at tapping into your true desires
and helping you achieve them.”

Linda Gottlieb, Producer of Dirty Dancing

“The talent of JUDITH GERBERG is indispensable now that the
ability to adapt to change is the key to success. Judith reaches
deep into our personal potential to find the wonder in each of us.”

Joan Firestone, Director of Economic Development, NYC Comptroller

"Our clients are getting jobs now", Watch the TV interview with Diana Williams on ABC News about getting a job in the current economy.

Listen to "Help Wanted: The Classifieds", The Brian Lehrer Show, a special NPR radio series where Judith looks at real job listings and gives some specific advice to potential candidates.

What should you be doing?
"People that took 'recession jobs' are now looking to break out, Some people just want to change,
but before looking for a new job, figure out what you do best"
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"How to turn your Interview into a conversation", Judith on Interviews, read some great interview tips from Judith on how you can get that job and stand out from other candidates.

Please call the office for information about short term programs which help you to create powerful decisions and move forward. Programs include: "Strategies for Career Success", Career Assessment to Evaluate Your Strengths and Are YOU ready for your next opportunity?.

Develop the courage, resources and skills to discover and succeed at your life’s work. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 executive or an entrepreneur, our career coaching gets you into action!
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Quoted in the New York Times, Judith Gerberg said the scary unemployment numbers do not tell the real story: Finding a career and a job is kind of like dating, she said. No matter what the statistics are, all you need is the one you want."

Judith Gerberg, M.A., Director

Here are some of the groups and organisations Judith has worked with.
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