Want to master office politics?

Judith coaches executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals to strategically manage their career, navigate the office politics, and advance communication in all relationships.

In her New York City office on Broadway, she offers face to face private consultation. She works locally, nationally and internationally, and is trained in long distance counseling techniques. Her international clientele span the globe from Sydney and Tokyo to Amsterdam and London.

Consultation is tailored to your individual needs

Corporate Career Management and Organizational Development
These clients have trusted gerberg & co to work with their staff and deliver results:

We helped them identify problems in organizational development, in staffing, assignments, goal setting and most important to create a Vision for the next ten years; then goals year after year to move toward that vision and specific action steps along the way. We teach Creativity and Innovation: how to think, how to create new products and systems. We deepen people's ability to communicate effectively and manage the stress of these challenging times.

Gerberg & Co.
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