Excerpt from Los Angeles Times: November 12, 2000 By Susan Vaughn.

Novice Film Editor Says She Wants More Than a Cameo.

... Was it time for Peng to change careers? Frustrated, she contemplated becoming a film archivist, a researcher or even a yoga instructor. But would she find contentment in such jobs? For guidance, she consulted New York-based career counselor Judith Gerberg.

Gerberg had Peng fill out a priorities list. The two found that Peng held some conflicting goals. First, Peng named “tranquillity”, “ stability” and being “at peace with [her]self” as her top priorities. “I don't think there's much peace or tranquillity as an assistant editor,” Gerberg said.

Second, Peng expressed a desire to move away from Los Angeles' “hustle and bustle,“ though most TV and film editing jobs are based here. After much discussion over two sessions, Peng admitted to Gerberg that her principal goal remained becoming a Hollywood editor. The work is “intellectually challenging and creative,” Peng said. “I'm happiest in the editing room.”

Gerberg advised Peng to become more aggressive in her career pursuit. She needed to develop better social skills--perhaps with a counselor's help--so she'd be at ease cultivating business friendships.

Because Peng said she needed to improve her digital editing skills on Avid Technology equipment, Gerberg encouraged her to take courses or gain expertise at home by purchasing a professional system (such as Avid Technology's Xpress DV). Though such a system can run as much as $7,000, many determined up-and-coming editors have anted up the money to start their own editing services and hone their skills.

Four months after Peng's last session with Gerberg, Peng said she had made some headway. She landed a $48,000-a-year job as a union editing apprentice / librarian at Universal Studios' feature trailers department.

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